Chip In? It’s worth a shot.

16 07 2009

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I just heard of this from a dear friend and thought, hell it’s worth a try.  If everyone I knew online donated $1 I’d finally be able to take Spilt Sugar Photography to the next level with my own lights or a new camera so I can keep up with the growing world of digital photography and be able to give higher quality images to those who trade with me, hire me, etc.




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5 03 2011
Paul Thomann

I have some lights that you might be able to talk me into selling.
Brown line Speedotron’s with a 250 watt second power supply and speedotron brown line light.

All my other lights are Mole Richardson movie lights although I do have an old circa 1920-1930 made in Chicago 1000 watt with a fan so that the light lasts longer. Bulb is a screw in not sure if it is larger base than a common light but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

Only thing is that you’d have to pick them up in Chicago. I can give you directions from the Amtrak or
if you want to put it into GPS it’s ==>
Paul Thomann
c/o motion design
6010 Northwest Hwy
Chicago IL 60631

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